OCPP 22KW 32A Type 2 home evse

  • Charging interface: Type 2
  • 3P: 22KW
  • Current: 32A
  • Charging interface: Type 2
  • In-Cable box: IP65
  • Charging Connector: IP67
  • Certification: FC/TUV/ETL/CE/ROHS
  • Communication: WIFI/ OCPP 1.6
  • Human-computer interaction: APP
  • Out voltage: AC 230±10%
  • Input frequency: 50/60 HZ

1.Over voltage/ 2.Under voltage/ 3.Over Current/ 4.Short circuit/ 5.Over load / 6.Earth leakage/ 7.Over-temp protection
8.RCD--TYPE A+DC.6mA/ 9.LED indicator/  10.RFID/  11.WIFI/  12.Bluetooth/ 13.Emergency stop button/ 14.Loading balance

The factory has three overseas warehouses in French Czech and Russian,
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Complete product certification and quality assurance, we have got certification: FCC  TUV mark ETL  CE  ROHS  EPR

Product quality testing equipment Each product needs to undergo strict quality testing before it can be shipped, we use Function Tester machine

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