Type 2 to Type 1 Cable 3.6/7.2KW 16/32A

We also can produce: 3.6/7.2/11/22KW, 16/32A

Charging interface type

Type 2+ Type 1

Input voltage

AC 230V±10%

Input frequency

50/60 HZ

Out voltage

AC 230V±10%

Max. output power


Max. output current

16/32 A

Connection type


Cable length



Thermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94V-0

Connector Pin

Copper alloy, silver plating


Inner copper with TPE/TPU +5m(or customized)

Insulation Resistance


Terminal Temperature Rise


Withstand Voltage


Mechanical Life(Normal use)

>10000 Times

Mating and UN-mating Force

45N < F < 100N

Contact Resistance

0.5mΩ Max

Impact of external Force

1M drop and 2T Run Over Pressure

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