European Parliament published a news story entitled


On July 11th, the official website of the European Parliament published a news story entitled "MEPs adopt new rules on more charging stations and greener marine fuels".
Recently, the European Parliament adopted a regulation requiring the establishment of a charging station every 60 kilometers and a charging station for trucks and buses every 120 kilometers on the core roads of the TEN-T network in all EU countries from 2025 onwards. At the same time, by 2031, there will be a hydrogen refueling station every 200 km.
The regulation sets requirements for the output power of the charging stations, which must specify the tariff and support payment by bank cards or contactless devices (e.g. NFC), and must not oblige users to subscribe to or tie in with an app for the use of the charging station. MEPs have ensured that the Commission will set up an EU "database" of data on alternative fuels that will provide consumers with information on the availability, waiting time and price of individual charging stations.
The Transport Network is a set of EU planning frameworks for the road, rail, water and air transport networks, which together with the Telecom Network and the Energy Network form a Europe-wide network.