Does it have any impact if keep the plug on after the electric vehicle is fully charged?


Under normal circumstances, the charging pile will not have much impact if it is fully charged in a short period of time. The charging time required for conventional charging of new energy vehicles is about 6-8 hours, and if it is charged at night, there will be no problem if the charging gun can be removed in time the next morning. This is also a relatively common charging process for most car owners when they use their cars on a daily basis. However, if the charging cable is not removed in time for a long time to stop charging, some more serious consequences may occur.

Although most charging piles now have a function design of automatic power-off when fully charged, they do not provide comprehensive protection. If the charging pile is fully charged and remains connected to the vehicle for a long time, it may cause large losses to the charging pile components, charging lines, vehicle batteries, charging ports, etc., causing high temperature overheating, load overload, deformation, and even spontaneous combustion. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary losses and prevent damage to the vehicle and charging equipment, it is necessary to stop the charging operation in time at a suitable time to ensure safety.

In addition, when charging, it is also necessary to avoid charging in high temperature, humidity, poor ventilation and other environments. It is also necessary to regularly maintain and inspect the charging pile, solve the existing fault problems in time, and ensure the smooth progress of the charging process.

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